The Morris Company produced some 2111 cars of the Twincam between 1958 and 1960. There were 3 versions in 1958, 1959 and 1960. Because of its reliability problems and higher price it was a flop for the company and production stopped. The very small number of cars ever produced makes it an enormously sort after collectors vehicle. A complete history of the vehicles development and its designer Gerald Palmer can be seen here and here. 

This particular car was beautifully restored some 20 years ago and has belonged to its present owner for at least 15 years. The 2K paint has developed a vast range of blistering on every panel of the car over the last few years and it is my real pleasure to be trusted with the opportunity to correct the problems.

After very careful rubdown with wet and dry the exact nature of the problems is revealed. There are several reasons for the bubbling and blistering, which is extremely difficult to evaluate after some 20 years. It could be a result of dust, incomplete cleaning of the undercoat before spraying, incorrect mixing of the paint components before spray but it is my opinion, that in this case, it is probable that the period of time between the application of the topcoat and undercoat was too long preventing the topcoat to bind correctly with the undercoat.

Some pictures of the finished car. It still need polishing after the paint has cured propely.